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Lima Bocah Gaza Buat Haru Arabs Got Talent

Lima bocah Gaza yang tergabung dalam sebuah grup nasyid At Takhtasy Syarqi (التخت الشرقي) mengguncang panggung Arabs Got Talent. Tidak kalah ...

2015-06-07 06:31 2,456,443 YouTube

Pasti nangis liat audisi talent ini ''For GAZA"


2015-08-17 03:17 8,773 YouTube

[Doku aus 2016/HD] ARTE Reportage: Gaza - Sterne gegen Krieg

Der Himmel über Gaza macht vor allem Kindern Angst, wegen der Kampfflugzeuge – dass dort nachts die Sterne leuchten, das haben viele vergessen…

2016-10-24 51:48 814 YouTube

Israel-Gaza: Is There An End in Sight?

Will talks of a cease-fire provide an end to the mounting death toll in the Gaza-Israel conflict? Buy some awesomeness for yourself!

2014-07-21 01:25 90,060 YouTube

Gaza City Like You've Never Seen Before

Gaza City has thousands of years of history to offer. However, the people are what captures the essence of this place. Subscribe!

2015-06-03 03:32 41,121 YouTube

Kadın sürücü fren yerine gaza basınca dükkana girdi

Bilecik’te bir kadın sürücü, fren yerine gaza basınca otomobiliyle dükkana girdi. Dükkanın kapalı olması olası bir faciayı önledi. Edinilen bilgi...

2017-01-15 01:08 7,995 Dailymotion

Palestinians in Gaza protest Trump's pledge to move US embassy

A group of Palestinians and Hamas officials gathered in Gaza to call on US President-elect Donald Trump not to carry out his pledge to move the US embassy in Is...

2017-01-16 00:58 0 Dailymotion



2017-01-13 00:20 0 Dailymotion

Gaza: Demonstration gegen Stromkrise gewaltsam aufgelöst

Eine Demonstration gegen mangelhafte Stromversorgung ist im nördlichen Gazastreifen außer Kontrolle geraten. Mehrere Tausend Palästinenser hatten sich am Fl...

2017-01-13 00:50 0 Dailymotion

PDF [FREE] DOWNLOAD Drinking the Sea at Gaza: Days and Nights in a Land Under Siege [DOWNLOAD]

READ THE NEW BOOK Drinking the Sea at Gaza: Days and Nights in a Land Under Siege Amira Hass READ PDF BOOKS ONLINE DOWNLOAD NOW

2017-01-13 00:19 0 Dailymotion

NPR in Gaza, A Photographer's Journal

NPR photographer David Gilkey spent a month covering the recent hostilities between Israel and Gaza. He talks about the images he made and the stories behind th...

2009-02-26 04:12 26,994 Vimeo

About Gaza

A documentary created and produced by Pietro Bellorini and Simone Camilli...

2011-07-26 21:34 52,186 Vimeo


Rodada durante la ofensiva israelí que asoló la franja de Gaza en julio y agosto de 2014, NACIDO EN GAZA sigue el día a día de diez niños palestinos bajos ...

2014-12-20 09:38 190 Vimeo

Disregarding Gaza

What kind of information are Israelis getting from their press? What kind of information is missing? And how does this affect the reality on the ground? Filmm...

2015-03-18 09:29 4,936 Vimeo

Gaza Promo (2012)

A promotion currently appearing on Al Mayadeen TV, describing the sequence of events for the Israeli barbarian attack on Gaza. It's a 2d animation done in Phot...

2012-11-28 00:25 3,183 Vimeo