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OSSIC X: 3D Audio Headphones, tailored to you

The OSSIC X Headphones use their wearer's Head-Related Transfer Function, or HRTF, to customize audio specifically for them. The result is audio perfectly ...

2017-01-15 03:38 25,490 YouTube

Ripped Six Pack & Obliques (THE “X” EFFECT!)

Get ripped and jacked in 90 days - Subscribe to this channel here - If you want to get a completely ripped six ...

2017-01-13 05:09 185,599 YouTube


Best auditions ever made, up to date 2015. Hey Niklas Skinhøj here. I just wanna say thanks to you all for watching my video, and i'll try to cook some new cool ...

2015-09-03 18:56 39,701,524 YouTube

Mega Charizrd X vs Mewtwo. ENGLISH. full battle HD ( pokemon the origins )

Yes I know, this video is gonna get a copyright strike faster than I know. But still...enjoy I DON'T OWN ANYTHING, ALL CREDITS GO TO POKEMON ...

2014-05-03 05:02 16,328,779 YouTube

Emotions run high for Christian Burrows | Auditions Week 1 | The X Factor UK 2016

Visit the official site: Simon asks 19-year old Christian Burrows to perform one of his own tracks about his brother's death and there's not a ...

2016-08-27 05:52 6,642,747 YouTube

Tarzan X: The Shame of Jane FullMovie

2015-11-04 57:34 325,787 Dailymotion

X-Men Apocalypse - Bande-annonce VF

Depuis les origines de la civilisation, Apocalypse, le tout premier mutant, a absorbé de nombreux pouvoirs, devenant à la fois immortel et invincible, adoré ...

2016-01-25 02:25 249,816 Dailymotion

Six X (Theatrical Trailer) Full HOT HD video trailer 2016

Six X Upcoming hot movie seen Theatrical Trailer 2016...

2016-03-01 02:29 200,225 Dailymotion

The X-Files - The Investigation Continues official trailer (2016)

The X-Files - The Investigation Continues official trailer (2016)...

2016-01-19 01:37 384,564 Dailymotion

X-Men: Apocalypse - Official Final Trailer [HD]


2016-04-25 02:47 179,579 Dailymotion


by the courtesy of Plato Art Space (Plato College of higher education) ilhan koman hulda festival, a journey into art and science exhibition Ayvansaray Caddesi...

2010-09-29 04:43 794,248 Vimeo

Ishtar X Tussilago

Nominated best music video 2015 - SXSW Ishtar X Tussilago is a short film by Maceo Frost starring downhill longboard rider Ishtar Backlund in the epic mountain...

2015-08-25 04:43 570,819 Vimeo


Vitaliy Shushko — art, story, directing ( [email protected] Elena Volk — 2d/3d-animation, compositing ( Pa...

2016-11-07 13:29 352,032 Vimeo

Karl X Johan - Flames (dir. cut)

Director / Editor: Gustav Johansson DP: Niklas Johansson Prod. comp: Camp David Film Producer: Eri...

2011-01-21 03:20 456,576 Vimeo

Mr X

Dir: Alex Nicholson...

2013-12-06 06:35 187,739 Vimeo